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    A Crime of Compassion or Just a Crime? In “A Crime of Compassions” Barbara Huttman (writer) told the audience in the Phil Donahue show and every person that read A Crime of Compassion about Mac and the way Mac suffered from lung cancer….Yunjia Zhao A Crime of Compassion A Crime of Compassion is an essay written by Barbara Huttman. Barbara Huttman is a trained nurse who has two degrees in nursing and she worked as a nurse for over thirty years.This woman is not a murderer. Barbara Huttmann is a long time nurse who gave a man named Mac his wish to just die and not continue to suffer. Mac had …When an individual is willing to grow up, sooner or later, that person will experience many adversities that at times might take them by surprise, and …Barbara, a nurse, is accused of “murder”, by the audience of a TV show named the Phil Donahue show. She had a patient, named Mac, who had lung cancer …A Crime of Compassion. Huttmann’s decision that certain patients should have the right to die, as in the case of the cancer patient, Mac, the stand she took at the very precise moment of giving in to the request of Mac, was a very critical one.A Crime of Compassion & The Quality of Mercy Killing Barbara Huttmann & Roger Rosenblatt 15/3/14 “The quality of mercy killing by Roger Rosenblatt” and “A crime of compassion by Barbara Huttmann” are well written.A Crime of Compassion This Essay A Crime of Compassion and other 64,000+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on …In her essay, “A Crime of Compassion,” written in 1983, Barbra Huttmann adequately displays that euthanasia is not a selfish infraction, but in fact a selfless act in which is in favor of the suffering patient who doesn’t have to go through a painful death.

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